Start a Regulars Club,
Sell More Coffee.

Digital loyalty cards for your coffee shop

Why Start a Regulars Club?

  1. 1Sell more coffee by encouraging your customers to return more frequently
  2. 2Stay in touch with customers by asking them to signup to your mailing list
  3. 3Gather valuable insights into your how your customers interact with your business
  1. Apple Wallet & Google Wallet

    Customers are able to save their club pass immediately to their Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.

  2. Grow Your Mailing List

    On sign up, customers are asked if they’ve like to stay in touch with your business by joining your mailing list.

  3. Custom Branded Landing Page

    We’ll make sure your club sign-up page matches your brand’s identity.

  4. Analytics

    Our merchant portal gives business owners a clear overview of customer activity.

Sounds interesting?

If you'd be interested in starting a regulars club for your coffee shop or a similar business, we'd love to get in touch.